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This foundation has been developed to gain sponsorship for school educators throughout rural Africa and other underprivileged countries to be trained in Higher Effective Education to keep pace with the rapidly evolving world.

Many people are finding a lot of things happening in the world today as unacceptable. But what is totally UNACCEPTABLE is children taking their own lives because of the pressures of the world today and facing more stress, anxiety, and depression than ever before. This little clip gives a very brief description of how Children of Unity Foundation can help our children develop happy, healthy minds and emotions in our future generation
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Caring for our kids through yoga

Jennifer Fitzsimmons was invited to join Global Peace Lets Talk UK in their Child's Right & Education Chapter. She was asked to train school educators in a Children's Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teachers Training Foundation Course, in underprivileged schools throughout rural Africa and other countries in the world. She has been teaching this for 26 years, with phenomenal results, to people from all over the world. As she started the project with school teachers, her compassion grew immensely, which turned into a passion for helping children and hence the birth of Children of Unity Foundation located in South Africa. Whilst doing the training she noticed great development in the mental and emotional well-being of the children she was working with, to prepare class video's for the training. The basic course she is doing is effective but limited to posture (exercise) work, breathing techniques and reading of Yoga Nidra stories written by herself. She came to realize that if the full training is done with the school educators, and taken into the school curriculum with a deeper understanding of the practice and its psychologies, the effect will have a more profound impact on the children's outlook and response to life. This would develop empowered children, to create a bright, powerful future generation.

The beginners teacher training is currently done on a charitable basis but with the expansion into full training, the project is in need of financial support.

Preamble - Vision - History

1 | The introduction of this higher training into the Education Systems will educate the understanding of ourselves, mentally, emotionally and physically and the subject of life in a highly effective and appropriate way, in the rapidly evolving world. Children are bearing the effects of stress more than ever before. Anxiety, depression, panic attacks and fear have crept into the minds of our little ones. The time is now to address this.

2 | Societal separation has created mind conditioning of being "excluded", which has further created low self-esteem and lack of belief in self in being able to achieve and accelerate in the world.

3 | Everything in the world has progressed tremendously, and technology enormously, but school education systems have not been upgraded to equal the evolution of the world and the mind of man. It has remained the same for centuries.

4 | This foundation is being created to gain sponsorship for school educators throughout rural Africa and other underprivileged countries to be trained in Pathways Academy of Life Children’s 100-hour Yoga and Yoga Nidra Teacher Training course.

5 | The training includes a deeper understanding of the practice of Yoga Nidra and its psychologies and an in-depth study of the mind and the working thereof. It also provides training on the subconscious mind and how to access its deep recesses to alter how we see and respond to life.

6 | The most important aspect of this work is understanding the mind and the workings thereof and what is happening in the background, so it can be done accurately, making its effects powerful and lasting. Time restraints, daily class schedules, relying on connection availability, are some of the factors that have to be dealt with. Along with this, because of the sensitive nature of the work, it must be done in person.

7 | The training includes scientific mind training techniques for developing happy, strong, balanced minds and emotions in children through yoga postures, breath extension techniques, using specific vibration techniques and the powerful practice of yoga Nidra.

8 | There are specific techniques, words, expressions and symbolic pictures used in the practice, that create feelings, which is the language of the subconscious mind, and if woven in an intricate distinctive way, calms stress, anxiety, and depression and instills lasting inner peace.

9 | The training has also proven to be effective in releasing trauma, developing creativity, strengthening imagination, boosting concentration, and, thus, letting our children live happily and freely as the creators of our future generation.

10 | The techniques that are taught have also proven to unlock dormant DNA of potential, developing belief in self, a strong willpower and healthy self confidence. This is vital in transforming young minds that have been suppressed and endured generations of hardship and societal division.

11 | The introduction of these mind-transforming programs into the Education Systems, will pave the way for a powerful future generation that will be equipped to be the change we wish to see in the world. The programme makes each feel included as part of this, moving past the old mindset of social separation.

12 | It is our aim to encourage global and local sponsorship, making our children feel included.

13 | The antiquated school systems have not embraced the fact that is clear today, and that is, that all children have intelligence in some form or another. Some may be of analytical science, whilst others accelerate in natural science, creativity and talents or gifts. What has become a reality is that many successful entrepreneurs have not completed school education, let alone University degrees.

14 | Our continent is one of extremely high unemployment percentages, there are no jobs for people, even with a university degree. In this training school teachers are trained to observe children as their creativity begins to peak from the practice. In that case, the foundation will also be used to get sponsors to fund children attending Education Institutes that enhance their creative gifts and talents. This will create self-employed, empowered children which may create further job opportunities. The training empowers learners to believe in themselves and take responsibility for their lives, creating their future with a strong, balanced mind.

15 | To develop and encourage individuals to pursue their dreams with passion turning this into their businesses and flourishing regardless of unemployment statistics in the country.

16 | We clearly understand that lack of education, in the past was a problem - we ask your kind support in moving forward with a solution.

17 | Jennifer Fitzsimmons, the founder and Teacher Trainer of Pathways Academy of life, has been practicing yoga for over 26 years and teaching for 24 years .She has also been training teachers for over 20 years. She has also written two books on the subject. For a detailed explanation of the mind and its workings. Read More

Teachers will be fully equipped to host children's retreats and do workshops with parents for understanding behavior and techniques to use at home with children developing happy, creative, healthy minds.

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    Expert Instructor

    Jennifer Fitzsimmons has been doing yoga for over 25 years and teaching for 23 years. She authored books specifically aimed at children's yoga.

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    Relaxed Atmosphere

    The atmosphere in which the school teachers are training is a very relaxed yet focused experience for each and every teacher. They are positively encouraged.

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    Focused Training

    We have worked out an amazing course package for children and school teachers. We have a very focused syllabus that we have perfected over the last 20 years.

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